West Nile Virus
  West Nile cases have increased year over year with over 3600 being reported in the U.S. in 2006 alone.
The greater DFW area represents almost 4% of that total with over 130 cases reported so far this year.

West Nile Virus has spread rapidly across North America, affecting thousands of birds, horses, and
humans, since it was discovered in the Western hemisphere. WNV swept from the New York City
region in 1999 to almost all of the continental U.S., 7 Canadian provinces, and throughout Mexico and
parts of the Caribbean by 2004

West Nile has been detected in at least 48 species of mosquitoes, over 250 species of birds, and at least
18 mammalian species, including humans. A good way to help prevent WNV infection in humans is to
avoid mosquito bites

In temperate regions, West Nile virus follows a seasonal pattern that begins in late spring, with the peak
time for infection occurring in late summer and early fall — usually August and September. People living
in southern climates may run the risk of infection year-round.

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