Mosquito Misting Systems

People who use our mosquito misting systems gain back the use of their yard. Imagine the freedom to enjoy;
gardening, grilling out, lounging by the pool, having a family gathering with the children playing outside - without
worrying about mosquitoes.

Mosquito Force will professionally install a discretely concealed, customized system of nozzles and risers around the perimeter of your yard which will virtually eliminate mosquitoes and other flying insects.

The system is automatic. Our unique patent-pending dusk-dawn sensor will spray the pyrethrum at
dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active. You can also use the provided remote control to manually spray
anytime of the day.

When comparing our system with others: 

  • Are their nozzles and risers as small, attractive, and discreet as ours? 

  • How many stations (nozzles and risers) are included in their bid as compared to ours? 

  • Do they have a dusk-dawn sensor, or a timer that will need to be continually recalibrated? 

  • Are they going to require you to commit to a monthly contract? 

  • We don’t require a monthly contract.  We simply refill and check your system on an as needed basis. 

  • Refills are needed about every 3 months during the mosquito season. 


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