Mosquito Misting System Installation

Our professional team will install your mosquito misting system so that it will be virtually invisible, taking
great care not to disrupt the beauty of your yard. We will run the small nylon supply lines along your fence,
the eaves or your home, and bury them around the perimeter so that they go unnoticed. This will give you
a virtually maintenance-free, bug-free yard for years to come. Installation can typically be accomplished
during the course of one working day.

This system is controlled by a unique patented dusk-dawn sensor that sprays a botanical insecticide at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active. We also offer analog and digital timer units, as well as a tank-less system.

The times that dusk and dawn occur are constantly changing. The sensor allows the system to correctly
spray at dusk and dawn which maximizes the effectiveness of our sprays, as opposed to other systems
that run on timers.


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